Friday, October 31, 2008

Change for the sake of the children

When I say "Change" I'm not talking about which Presidential candidate would be best suited or not for the job. I'm talking about change within our homes to teach our children about how to create their futures. Ronald Reagan said, "All great change starts at the dinner table." How true that could be if we would embrace it. If we all sat down each night with our families and turned off the TVs and really asked our children and husbands about their day, imagine how much we would learn. Imagine how much they would learn about us.

When I grew up, we ate every meal together. After the table was cleared, we'd bring out some dominoes or cards and play a game together. Occasionally we would invite one of the older ladies from the neighborhood to join us. As a teen I found that this wasn't commonplace. My friends never did this. I, however, got to really know my parents. I got to know the sweet widow down the street. I learned how they play a game, how they approach teamwork and I learned about their views on life. It introduced me to a higher comfort with the elderly. I learned that just because they are older doesn't mean they aren't useful. They have a lifetime of knowledge they would love to share.

I want to encourage you to spend that extra time with your family as well. If you can't get together every night, just try to do it a couple of times a week. Make the extra time for discussion. Learn about your children and maybe more importantly let them learn about you.
You can take this time to really make a 'change' for the better.

I ask you all to take time this weekend to join your family around the table and pray for our nation. Pray for our leaders and most of all for the leaders this election will provide. Ask for God's direction for our country and for our lives. God Bless!

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